The Wisdom of the “Three P’s”…

As we all begin a new academic year I wanted to share with you some “wisdom” I have gathered along the way.  Many sources, many people.

These thoughts can apply to any walk of life, any career, any program or organization.

Hope it is helpful as the journey begins for 2010 – 11.

* PRINTABLE copy is available at the bottom.

Planning… Preparedness… Preparation…

  • The time has come to RETHINKRE-IMAGE… and RECALIBRATE what is possible, what is desirable, what is sustainable.  It’s time to RE-WRITE the rules.
  • Someone outside your organization today knows how to answer your specific question, solve your specific problem or take advantage of your current opportunity better than you do.  You NEED to find them and find a way to work collaboratively and productively with them.
  • Does EVERYONE who works with you understand were the organization is trying to go, what it is trying to accomplish and then determine what information, knowledge and insight are required?
  • Failure to pay attention to paying attention is one of the top ten career killers.
  • Are you curious?  We live in a world where just about everything is “KNOWABLE” for us to know, however, we must hunger to understand.
  • REALITY! …  We are competing with EVERYONE, from EVERYWHERE, for EVERYTHING (Everyone has become a potential competitor or a potential ally.)
  • The only way to win in the global marketplace is to “KNOW.” One of the highest values associated with business analytics is the ability to know your customers (recruits, players) – know what they want, when they want it, at what price and via what delivery process.
  • The customer is boss… you can’t innovate without having a customer in mind.
  • BAD TIMES are the best times to prepare for the GOOD TIMES.
  • Competitiveness favors those who spot NEW FRIENDS and act on them expeditiously.

A printable copy is here.

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