Tony Bennett Article

Coach Starkey at LSU shares a really good article from the Washington Post on Coach Tony Bennett.  If you are not following Coach Starkey on Twitter, do it… always good stuff.

I’ve only been to a couple Virginia Men’s games and a practice, but judging from what I’ve seen… all of this is 100% true.

Coach Bennett & Family

Even going back to listening to him at his press conference, the guy is who he is… genuine, nice, incredibly sincere, while demanding what he believes in – what he is teaching.  He speaks of the process of being successful and it is not limited to the court.  His process is about being a good person, a successful person with how you conduct yourself, how you approach practice, approach school, approach your personal life.  All of it correlates to being a winner and plays a roll in winning.

“The process” is working… a 75-60 win at North Carolina is a gigantic win.  The game isn’t on ESPN360.com, but should be.  If you can, find it and watch it.  The defense is spectacular… I want to know what “The Roar” is…  The All-Time record in the UNC – Virginia series?… 124-48 UNC, 63-5 UNC in Chapel Hill… opps, 63-6 now.  1-0 during the Tony Bennett era.

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