Urban Meyer: Finding Balance

O – H….

…I – O!

I’m not a big Buckeye fan or jumping on the OSU band wagon now that they are winner’s of the first ever Football Playoff National championship. I like the cheer… and the story behind the story.

Mike Wholey, Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach at Georgia Tech shared this with me today on Urban Meyer…


I particularly like this part…

Meyer, though, believes the change of perspective is real. For two years, he’s had his players and staff wearing wristbands with a simple equation on them:

E + R = O.

The Outcome of something is always determined by your Reaction to an Event.

All Meyer or anyone can control is the Reaction part of the equation.

“I want to make sure our players enjoy the journey,” Meyer said. “These kids have been on a heck of a run the last three years, and I’m more cautious about making sure it’s not just an absolute grind. Someone asked a question one time: When does the joy of winning disappear and the fear of losing or the agony of losing overtake that? When it does that, it’s not good for anyone. I make sure we enjoy the wins the best we can.”

Think about that in your daily life, not basketball. Something occurs… you have an internal feeling… you react…. there is an outcome.

Sounds simple enough, until it is jammed full of emotion and consequence.

Many struggle with life balance.

I’ve read Lead…. For God’s Sake multiple times. I understand. All of us want to get there… for some, it’s not that easy.

The key is not trying to control every single thing that happens, everything your team does, your children do, what goes on around you… It’s finding a way to get to that place where you are prepared to react… to handle, manage and deal with the event and manage the emotion to handle the event – be it positive or negative – the best possible way for life balance and success for everyone.

Work really hard to find your vehicle that keeps you there.

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