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A “Baker’s Dozen” of ideas on IN-GAME charting.

What do you chart?

Why do you chart it?  Do you reinforce it and chart it in practice?  Do your players know why and take ownership of it?

I believe there are three primary statistical variables that directly correlate to being in a position to be successful:

  1. Offenseive and Defensvie Rebounding Percentage
  2. Turnover differential
  3. Getting to the foul line

Here are some other ideas on in-game charting.

1.  UC Davis Offensive Chart

2.  Foul Cards

3.  Standards

4.  Individual Efficiency

5.  Lineup Efficiency

6.  UC Davis – Play Calls

7.  Player Grade Sheet

8.  Modified FG%

9.  Offensive Summary

10.  Offense – IN GAME

11.  Head Coach – Play Call Pocket Card

12.  IN GAME – Post Touches

13.  Shots – IN / OUT

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