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I conducted clinics yesterday for 3 high school teams.  What a blast!  I love the enthusiasm to learn, the effort and the opportunity to have to get on the floor and teach young players.  They are a blank canvas!

I like to use clinics to break out and tweak drills that have been shared with me, drills I haven’t used in a while or modify existing drills I’ve used based on each team’s needs, conversations with the coaches, etc…

Four of the drills I used yesterday are below and from the UW Women’s Basketball Newsletter.  Thanks Coach Neighbors!  These were from the Xavier days!

We tweaked +1 -1 a little (he calls it “Girls Game” on his diagram.)  We took away the dribble after the first set.  I liked that it really forced players to get open vs. 3 defenders and immediately look to advance the ball, putting pressure on the tandem defenders in the front court.

“GET 5” we made competitive by adding a :20 limit to all 5 shots and awarding bonus points for “attempting” all 5 spots.  Caveat… You couldn’t “Chuck and Duck” on your shots… they had to be quality cuts and quality shots.

“50 Passes”… we added -1 point for a turnover and reduced to 3 points per made basket.  Value the ball!

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1.  50 Passes

2.  Blaine Taylor–Old Dominion 14 options to Transition game

3.  3 Weave – 3 Shots – Warm up

4.  GET 5

5.  +1  -1  Disadvantage press drill

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