What Matters Now

Scoutware is a tremendous recruiting/contact software.  The people of the company are even better people.  Our friends have gone a step further.  Most college athletic programs already use Scoutware and have received this gift from them.  If not, take the time to download and read, What Matters Now.

Over 2,000 programs use Scoutware at over 350 college’s or universities.  Those numbers speak for themselves.  I have always believed,

“If you aren’t Scoutwaring, you aren’t recruiting.”

They have provided us with best selling author Seth Godin’s eBook: What Matters Now. I wanted to provide it to you for download, print and share.

What Matters Now

“Big thoughts and small actions make a difference.” — Seth Godin

Godin asked more than 70 authors, consultants, marketing and management experts to come up with one word to take into the new year and to explain why they picked it.  Some of the words include:

Dignity, Enrichment, Momentum, Power, Harmony, Compassion, Passion, Confidence, and Focus.

The book is only 82 pages, but full of great insights and perspectives that we think you will enjoy and find useful.

Enjoy the gift from Scoutware.  Enjoy the end of 2010 and best to everyone in 2011!

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