How long do indoor Basketballs Last?

How long do indoor Basketballs Last

Basketball is the major equipment of Basketball sport. Your whole game revolves around it. That’s why it is very important to get the right type of ball in order to carry on your match successfully.

Basketball players know clearly that how the right type of basketball affects their game. Therefore, they never compromise on it and always go for appropriate basketball type i.e. indoor or outdoor.

Indoor basketballs are usually pricier as compared to their outdoor counterparts. Therefore, it is obvious to think before purchasing that how long will your indoor basketball last?

In the below sections, we are going to find the answer to this question. But first, let’s start with describing indoor basketballs briefly.

How long do indoor Basketballs Last

What makes indoor basketball different from outdoor basketball?

The basic difference exists in the construction material. Unlike outdoor basketball, indoor balls are made up of full-grain leather. For those, unaware of full-grain leather, it is the uncontaminated and least processed form of leather.

In the result, their Grain remains intact as it is on it. This thing then provides those characteristics to the ball that we would need in an indoor basketball court. Just for your information outdoor balls are made using rubber or composite material instead.

The other dissimilarity between both types lives in their feel. Indoor balls feel comparatively heavier, softer and give improved grip. Furthermore, you need to first break in and can’t use it right after taking them out of the packaging box.

How long would Indoor Basketball last?

Best indoor basketballs are basically meant to serve flawlessly for years. When you purchase a good-quality basketball by spending heavy cost, then you should expect a long-term use. However, the durability of these balls majorly comes from their construction material that is full-grain leather.

It contains two main constituents of leather hide that is Grain and Corium. This Grain is a very durable product and so is your indoor basketball. It is the main benefit of indoor basketball you can take over outdoor basketballs that are made up of synthetic or rubber material.

However, you should also keep in mind that lifespan of your indoor basketballs depends greatly on the way you use it. If you don’t use it in a particular way, you should not look forward to its elongated lifespan.

In the below sections, we are going to discuss a few circumstances that can alter the service period of your indoor basketball:

Court type:

Your indoor basketball is highly sensitive to the type of court you play your game on. Unlike rubber made a ball that can maintain its durability on any type of surface, the leather ball needs some care.

Thus, if your court is made up of hardwood, then carry on! The whole grain leather will sustain its amazing performance for many years even it will improve over time. Besides hardwood, any type of plain surface is a good option for your ball.

However, if the surface of your court is constructed using a rough surface like concrete or asphalt, your indoor basketball would be in trouble. The smooth leather can’t withstand the bumpy facade. If you would continue playing in such area, it could end up into damaging the indoor basketball or reducing its lifespan.

How long do indoor Basketballs Last 2

Dust Exposure:

It is another situation that can impact the time for which your indoor basketball would perform outstandingly. Normal exposure to dust and sand is a normal scenario. However, if it persists, like you forget your ball placed in any dusty area, the grip of your ball will be compromised.

The reason behind is the fact that small dust particles go inside the cervices of your indoor basketball and makes it slippery. These balls normally provide greater grip, however, their longevity might reduce if dust overcomes them for an extended period.

Interaction with outside elements:

Your indoor basketball is believed to stay at the indoor location. If you will expose it to any harsh elements like heat, cold, rain, sunlight, the longevity will be altered. The water can decrease the sound grip of indoor basketball and convert it into a low-performing slippery ball.

Similarly, overheating might deform its shape, and sunlight can fade its color. All in all, unlike rubber basketball, your full-grain leather basketball cannot withstand harsh atmospheric components.

Exceeding air pressure:

You might wonder, but the air pressure of indoor basketball can also change its working time period. It happens when you exceed the air pressure limit.

If you play with the over-fed basketball, there are very high chances that it would create lumps all over the surface. Moreover, pumping your indoor basketball too fast can also cause bumping exterior.

Prolonged hitting and bouncing of over-inflated basketball on the wall can make it exposed to scratches. Considering all these scenarios, we can say air pressure has also a significant role in deciding the lifespan of your indoor basketball.

Forgetting your ball:

It might sound weird, but if you forget you indoor basketball, it can greatly affect the time period of its exceptional performance. You should remember the fact that whole grain leather is a pure element free of processing. It behaves differently to various scenarios.

Your indoor basketball requires regular hitting and maintenance. If you keep it on a rack and forget it for some long time period, it will eventually change its shape. After that, when you will pick it up, expect your ball to be ovular instead of round.

How to sustain the lifespan of indoor basketball?

We have already discussed the circumstances that can affect the serving time of your indoor basketball. Here are a few steps that can make it retain its long life:

  • Always use it on the plain/smooth surface.
  • Prevent it from interacting with any sharp object like a needle, pin, knife, and others.
  • Clean it thoroughly after regular intervals.
  • Prevent it from rain and intense sunlight.
  • Don’t expose it to fire/overheating.
  • After purchasing it, bring it right back to your home inside the box instead of kicking it here and there.
  • Keep a check on its air pressure regularly.


Indoor basketballs are way different from outdoor ones. They are high performing and much more long lasting then outdoor basketball. However, all indoors balls do not behave in the same pattern. It is because they do not get their required treatment.

Exposure to rough and tough uses can badly distort these balls. It will eventually damage them permanently. Nobody would like this tragedy to happen with their costly basketballs. In the above sections, we have provided situations that can affect your ball’s endurance. You should prevent them at any cost. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get benefit from the long life of your indoor basketball.


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