I’m just starting Rudolph Giuliani’s book ‘Leadership.’ Written in 2002 and primarily centered on the events of September 11, 2001 and his leadership in navigating NYC through that horrific time… I found this in the beginning and felt it an outstanding message to share…. Giuliani writes… “In my final days as mayor,

Virginia Basketball Academy


  Many people ask me about the off-season in the WNBA.  They wonder what coaches do because it is such a long time.  That always gives me a chuckle. There is plenty to do with preparations for the next season.  I re-watch and chart each game from the previous season.  Make notes


You meet a lot of people in coaching.  One I have met is Bob Starkey of the LSU Lady Tigers basketball program.  Coach Starkey is a tremendous basketball coach, but an even better person.  Coach Starkey has always come across as a teacher. I stumbled across his Hoop Thoughts…       He was sharing