Stephen Curry: Winning Culture

Stephen Curry Winning Culture

Stephen Curry on the Warriors experiences the past two seasons and how they played into this past summer’s preparation and early season success.

“We know each other, and obviously building on the foundation that we had for the last three years with pretty much the same core means a lot.

You go through experiences, you fall short and figure out how you’re going to get back up and become a better team. We’ve done that two straight summers, and we go into this year with guys who are a little more experienced and just hungry for what we’re trying to do.

(Continuity) goes a long way, and obviously (the front office) has to make decisions on bringing talent in and what have you. That’s above our pay grade, but we understand that capitalizing on this chemistry we have is huge. There aren’t many locker rooms like we have in this room – guys who are selfless, guys who just play the game the right way.”

Stephen Curry Winning Culture

Steph Curry is an MVP candidate and the Warriors best player.

When your best player has this level of humility, combined with superior talent, a tireless work ethic, a willingness to self sacrifice and demonstrates the team’s highest level of selflessness…. others have no choice but to follow. Others that don’t follow need to be gone.

Very good things happen when this level of buy in occurs. Your best player must have this mindset and approach to build something special.

30-5 is pretty special and demonstrates really good things happening.

There are no signs of any needs for improvement or fall off in sight.

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